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As a traditional fencing contractor we at fencing Express a small local 6 years old fencing company have been erecting & installing Tuf-fence pvc/ Vinyl fence (our own product & brand)....


All about the company, its name and its value

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Fencing in Nottingham

Suppliers and installers of Residential fencing, Commercial fencing, Industrial fencing and Agricultural fencing and gates in and around Nottingham. We carry out fast, efficient and reliable installation and erection of all types of fences and gates.

Maintaining and compliant with the industry standards.

All our customers are protected by a 15 year guarantee on timber installations and a lifetime guarantee on steel installations.

All our fencing in Nottingham is backed up by 25 years combined industry experience and expertise and safeguarded by comprehensive all risks cover.

  1. Steel Palisade Security Fencing
  2. Chainlink
  3. Weldmesh
  4. Timber Fencing
  5. Sports Fencing
  6. Barriers
  7. Bollards
  8. Railings
  9. Industrial Estates
  10. Sites Levelled/Cleared
  11. Landscaping
  12. Decking
  13. Tree Quotes
  14. Repairs
  15. One-offs
  16. Non-Standard Specs

…all catered for!

25 Years Combined Industry Experience – All Areas Covered – 7 Day Service

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